Rutgers National Fight Back Teach-in Report Back!

Rutgers National Fight Back Teach-in Report Back!

Fight back teach in labor edYesterday, April 5th, RutgersĀ  joined over 200 Universities across the country in hosting the National Fight Back Teach in against Austerity, Debt and Corporate Greed and How to Fight Back!

At 2pm, Over 100 students joined us in learningfrom Racial Justice Leader Cornel West, long-time activist and professor Frances Fox Piven, Beth Huang from SLAC, the USAS group at Wisconsin, and other academics, activists and workers talking about the corporate greed that is destroying our economy and how thePhoto_8514661F-40CF-26D9-ABE1-AB22F5F0B3D9 burden is being forced on students and workers while relieving the financial institutions that were bailed out and drove us into this recession of any responsibility. The panelists spoke about how it is our time to fight back against corporategreed and demand that Wall Street and corporations pay their fair share instead of taking away collective bargaining rights and slashing our education budget!

This event attracted both undergraduate and graduate students who had never come out to an event or meeting before. This led to a discussion of how we can take action and fight back.

This teach-in provided us with the Momentum for the April 13th Walk into Action that will take place at 2pm at Voorhees Mall, we expect that over 500 students are going to walk out of class and march to demand a tuition freeze, as well as a stop to the attack on both campus workers and the overseas garment workers sewing Rutgers apparel.

If you are in New Jersey, join us April 13th and Take Back Our Economy!

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